IT Support

Network and device maintanance

Company IT network is a number of linked devices which create one system. Troubleshooting such environment requires not only knowledge and skills but also experience. We provide IT support which covers:

  • company local network IT support, including wireless network
  • intermediate network devices maintenance (switches, routers, access points, repeaters, ethernet wireless bridges and more)
  • end devices operating system administration (all OS distributions)
  • malicious software protection
  • data, system and configuration backups
  • network monitoring and restoring systems from failures
  • IT support for company employees – helpdesk
  • CCTV monitoring systems configuration and miantanance

Server administration

Almost every company or Education Institution has a domain based network environment, governed by a server. Network users are authenticated against it, it controls group policies and access to system resources and services. Logiton IT support include:

  • server OS installation and configuration (all Windows Server and Linux distributions)
  • network services and user software configuration and activation
  • server features and resources optimization
  • data protection against unauthorized access
  • data archives and backups, including full safety backups
  • server and network software updates
  • network traffic, resources and system performance monitoring
  • reconfiguration and new function deployment in case of company growing needs

IT Safety

The most crucial aspect of network protection is a properly configured and deployed unified security gateway together with a proved antivirus software. The gateway blocks external non-authorized access to the network and it allows a traffic control within the local network. It is one of the most important devices in the network but also the most exposed to external attack. It is very important to properly configure and secure it. We provide protection through:

  • Unified Security Gateway installaton and configuration (all vendors) with integrated firewall policy configuration IT support
  • protection features implementation and configuration such as Intrusion Prevention System, integrated antivirus and antispam protection
  • centrally managed antivirus system protection
  • network resources access policy elaboration and implementation in accordance to client needs
  • secure, encrypted VPN links configuration and deployment
  • network monitoring and preventing external attack attempts as well as from within the local network

IT system design

A key link to a secure IT network is a team of well-trained network administrators. They control every system area by monitoring its resources and keeping the network performance intact. Logiton provides design, implementation and maintenance services to IT networks and systems. Are you looking for a company which will design and deploy an IT system or takes over maintenance over an existing one? You do not have to look any further. Based on your company requirements we will design and implement a system which will fit your needs perfectly. We can provide:

  • IT network design services (vertical and horizontal cabling, distribution frames location and equipment)
  • design and implementation of network services and resources in accordance to clients needs
  • network device configuration design and its implementation
  • full system startup and maintenance over its proper operation
  • IT audit, including correctness and safety of each configuration device and a network as a whole

We do not work with corporations …

… and we do not price our time at that level. Large IT support companies often forget about their “smaller” clients and they do not provide them necessary attention. It results in poor service quality towards those clients. Administrators and designers in Logiton are passioned, professional and they are team players with substential experience, specialized in providing services to small and medium-sized enterprises and Educational Institutions. That is why we perfectly understand our clients needs. We can adjust and adapt to provide you as much time as you need without you having to spend hundreds of thousands on each hour of service.


In contrast to our competition …

… we do not issue an invoice for each hour we devote to your network, we do not also increase the price when your network increase by one or a couple of devices. We understand that the IT network is an organizm which evolves and it is up to our company to take care of it. We offer a lump sum price for our services, which is paid monthly and can be afforded by any company no matter the size. We evaluate real workload needed to get things done properly. Detailed price is calculated after initial examination of your network and is negotiated individually with each client. Call us and see for yourself that you can afford our services.

The scope of our service …

… is also established individually with each client. Logiton has means to design new IT system, upgrade an existing one or simply take over a network after another IT support company. We take care of network infrastructure, unified security gateways, company servers, wireless devices, comprehensive network protection, help desk services to your employees for each network device and more. Logiton deals with CCTV monitoring system too. Was your equipment not mentioned? Contact us, we will most probably include it in the scope of our service.


We configure your network …

… in a modern way, to be able to provide our service remotely (through a reliable, safe, encrypted and what is important direct VPN connection). An approach like that allows us to respond to your emergency call in an instant and our administrators will quickly attend to your problem to find a solution. Unfortunately, not all can be done remotely and depending on the agreed scope of service and client’s location, in case of a system failure or an error, we will arrive at site and immediately start fixing the problem. We say strong “NO” to a common practise used by IT support companies to use a remote connection through a third party servers which location is not even known to them.

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