with modern approach to your company network administration


… of experience in network design, administration, and upgrades. We possess vast IT knowledge and we introduce best network security practicises on the market. We provide our IT services to small and medium-sized enterprises and we have also specialized ourselves in Education Institutions network management. We well understand their needs.


… will we take care of your system failures. We are well aware that your company has to run constantly and each downtime generates costs and deprive you of your profits. Our IT services are performed in a non limited time manner. You entrust us with your network and we are responsible for its constant maintenance, keeping it fully operational. We are at your disposal just when you need us, ready to provide troubleshooting of the highest level.


… is that we well understand our costumer’s needs. Our experience allows us to define your IT system demands accurately which in turn will increase your company efficiency, lowering your network operation costs at the same time. We can pick appropriate device and software, and provide configuration for it, so that it would satisfy your company’s IT needs. We will also maintain cost-effectiveness in combination with taking your future plans into account.


… does not mean expensive. Effective network and data security technologies do not have to cost a fortune. What makes us diffrent is tha we do not employ a single scheme which is forced upon an unaware customer. We adjust ourselves to our client’s specific needs and provide tailored crafted IT services. Logiton does not price each workstation or a server, we evaluate a workload which is necessary to provide exactly what you need and our monthly lump sum price quote reflect that perfectly. Do not spend hundreds of thousands on IT outsourcing.

IT Services adapted to your needs




First, we gather information on your actual IT system and your network needs, all the features and functions necessary to fulfill your company goals, including planned future upgrades.


Based on premilinary examination, we design and propose a system model which will meet all your expectations. We elaborate a system upgrade and/or reconfiguration plan, taking into account a maximal usability of all devices which are already in your possession.


After network model acceptance we introduce the model into your company by reconfiguring each and every system component. This is the most crucial and delicate phase, but do not worry, we do remember that your company has to operate constantly.


Newly configured components and features are launched and integrated with the system. The new system configuration is initiated for the first time and its correct operation verified.


A series of tests is needed before the system can be fully verified as operational. Each system component is thoroughly tested in scope of its functionality and all potential errors are immediately removed.


A positive result to all functional tests starts an IT network management phase. It’s a final phase during which the system will run continuously. Our specialists are monitoring all system resources, reacting to any anomaly in its corrert operation.

Need our help?


We are at your disposal

Logiton provide design and maintanance services for small to medium-sized enterprise IT networks. We have also specialized ourselves in Educational Institutions network and device administration. Our IT services are flexible and easely adjustable to your needs.

We have knowledge and experience to configure and maintain your company’s IT system in a professional manner.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We are focused on small to medium sized companies and on educational Institutions because we believe that companies which provide IT Support to Corporate network environments does not have enough time to place their attention on “smaller” clients. We know this as a fact and as a result the IT Services provided are much below expected level. Logiton is trying to fill this gap by providing high level IT Support to those costumers.

We do not invoice for each hour we devote to your network, instead we offer a lump sum price for our IT Support. We do not also increase the price when your network expand by couple of devices. We estimate real workload need for IT Services performed to your IT network. Detailed quote is negotiated with Client individually after we gather intel on network environment to be administer and on Client’s needs. See for yourself that you can afford our Services.

The scope of our IT services is negotiated individually with each client. We can design a new IT network, upgrade extisting one or we can just take over an IT support over a network after someone. We take care of network infrastructure, including wireless networks, we configure and perform maintanance on servers and unified security gateways. Logiton will fully protect your IT system and will provide helpdesk service to you network users.

By means of a secure, direct and encrypted VPN connection we can provide our IT support remotely. As a result we can instantly respond to an emergency call. Some parts of the network are not meant to be accessed remotely, in those cases we arrive at site and perform troubleshooting locally.